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The Stitching Project is dedicated to making fine textile products...we are based in rural India, our style is a little bit ethnic and a lot contemporary.The Stitching Project is a social enterprise; that is a business dedicated to producing quality work, which will contribute to the ambience of the purchasers’ environment whilst contributing fairly to the livelihood of the producers.We are a big bustling team of people working together for the benefit of all here to make lovely things for you there.The Stitching Project produces quality hand worked homewares, garments, quilts and craft supplies and special orders for private customers

About Us

Fiona and Praveen

store owner

We started operating Creative Arts Safaris, hands-on textile and creative arts tours in 2004; since then we have established a home near Pushkar, Rajasthan;

Textiles are our major focus; we run our textile tours and in support of fairtrade and beautiful workmmanship we operate

The Stitching Project

We are Fiona Wright and Kanhiya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates]

We live in a beautiful area on the edge of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India. It is the desert though, and life can be quite difficult for many of our neighbors.

For me, Fiona, textiles have been a major interest since a small child and a career in various guises for much of my life [see]

Praveen has been a late bloomer in this field, starting to get hooked as we researched for our hands-on creative arts tours [ ] It was when he discovered the existence of Fair Trade projects here in India that he really became inspired by what you could do for others whilst building your own business.

We are very interested in knowing the people and the methods of production in the garments we make, we ensure all people we deal with are fairly re-numerated for their work and want to create as much work as we can for as many hands as possible.

Living in India we are blessed with a huge wealth of textile traditions at our finger tips and want to use this to create arty, stylish clothe, homewares and craft supplies.


You are welcome to visit our SHOP just ring ahead, please. +91 9982032755.

Our shop is at our workshop- you are welcome to pop in for a chai and look around.


5 Kishanpura Rd, Chawandia Village, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Store Hours

Monday — Saturday

9:00 AM — 5:30 PM